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Rhyl Love: Reconstructing the Past

A new video for Plume of Feathers.

"Nostalgia, in fact, may depend precisely on the irrecoverable nature of the past for its emotional impact and appeal. It is the very pastness of the past, its inaccessibility, that likely accounts for a large part of nostalgia's power--for both conservatives and radicals alike. This is rarely the past as actually experienced, of course; it is the past as imagined, as idealized through memory and desire." [Linda Hutcheon: Irony, Nostalgia, and the Postmodern]

This one is full of John Hinde postcards and a beautiful 1970s wedding video from the Hancock family.

Update: You can see Rhyl Love at the Drunken Film Fest and Vagabond Film Festival (part of IF: Milton Keynes International Festival) in July 2018, and the 5th International Motion Festival, Cyprus in May 2019. The former takes place in pubs around Bradford, which is particularly appropriate for Plume. 

Rhyl Love is also being shown as part of the Lift-Off Network's First-Time Filmma…

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