Draw Duke Street: Varoom 21

A quick note to recommend a peer-reviewed paper by Mitch Miller in issue 21 of Varoom magazine - not only for the project's focus on drawing, but for its examination of research methods. So for any of you practice-led types out there wrestling with action research, ethics and social engagement this is quite the thing for you! Keep an eye out for the next issue of the VaroomLab journal too, for the full length paper and other quality reflections on illustration. Thank goodness for that, eh?!

This from the Varoom website:
Mitch Miller describes his project in Glasgow where he explored the possibilities of illustrating an environment as a collaborative, socially engaged practice. His challenging project is a VaroomLab peer-reviewed paper.

A dialectogram from elsewhere in Mitch's research, to pique your interest:


This one is 'THE MECCA BINGO AND SOCIAL CLUB (Red Road Dialectogram No 3)'

More from Mitch: here and here.