VaroomLab Journal: critique and colouring in

Hooray, illustration has its very own peer-reviewed journal! You can find issue one here, and read fine pieces of writing by Nanette Hoogslag and Dr. John O'Reilly, amongst others.

It also contains the full-length version of my paper on time and illustration, which includes some cracking pictures from Henrik Drescher, David Hughes, Andrzej Klimowski, Helene Pertl, and Container if you get bored of reading what I reckon.

Still not convinced? Praise for Rearview Mirror:

"I don't know what it was about the first chapter of Rearview Mirror by Stephanie Black, but when I got to the end I had to find my wife and read it to her."
Thanks John Waverly!  Hope your wife enjoyed it as much as you did!

"I questioned my sanity a couple of times, read until I couldn’t keep my eyes open, and then hoped this would be one of those nights that I wouldn’t remember my nightmares dreams." Thanks Shanda! Good luck with the rest of the PhD.

"There were so many conflicts and side stories (not in a bad way), that I didn't know who I could trust!"
Thanks Lolawid! Theory can do that to you...