Drawn at the RWA, Bristol

The Royal West of England Academy in Bristol has a rather splendid and extensive exhibition of drawing on at the moment. I have wheeled out my telephones for an outing, you can see them in the Drawing Lab. More details here.

Members of the HATCH drawing research project at the University of the West of England will be drawing in the RWA galleries on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st April, and Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th May.

We will be busy with drawing games, activities based on our research, and discussions concerned with different aspects and uses of drawing. Amongst other things we will bring sketchbooks for visitors to leaf through, be conducting a drawn game of scissors-paper-stone with a group member in Hong Kong, and I'll be providing the services of a Mail Art Bureau. 

Visitors are asked to provide a postage stamp and an address, suggest a theme (which may or may not be adhered to!) and in return I will produce a unique piece of work using an envelope as the canvas, and post it directly to them. On Sunday 21st April I'll be joined by our newest group member Luise Vormittag, so if you don't like what I'm churning out you'll need to speak nicely to her. The first visitor to the bureau this Saturday can choose the wrens (above) if they wish, so form an orderly queue.

Afternoons of the 21st April and 7th May will be devoted to informal seminar discussions, and all are welcome to contribute.

So feel free to pick up a handout of drawing exercises and work alongside us, join our discussions, or simply sidle up to members of the group with any queries you may have concerning drawing research or any of the drawings we’re working on in the galleries. And don’t forget to bring a stamp!

For further information on HATCH please visit our website: http://hatch.uwe.ac.uk