Building a nostalgic present

One for the backburner (or the point identified in retrospect at which my brain went wrong):

"nostalgia imaginatively projects desirable features onto the past, rather than represents qualities which the past possessed. In Hutcheon’s terms, the nostalgic past is not recollected but constructed in accordance with present needs." 

If it is pictured enough it becomes real.


"we should doubt an account of nostalgia that demands that there be a discrepancy between past naivete and present wisdom. The reason comes out of the fact that we can imagine the present as the subject of a future memory: one can be aware of the impermanence of one’s present surroundings." 

And if we construct the present in terms of the nostalgic past to meet the needs of the present in future? 


What is the role played by illustration's surface references, and its re-presentations, in collapsing time?

(all quotes from Howard, S. (2012) Nostalgia. Analysis 72 (4): 641-650)