Imagined Postcards

The first stage is underway! Here is a description of a postcard on its way from Denmark to the UK...

...and this one is heading from Bristol to Norwich.

This is a new project for HATCH members and associated drawing types, devised in order to introduce people with an interest in drawing to one another internationally.

The project involves approximately 40 participants choosing an obscure postcard and sending a description of it to their named recipient. They also receive a description from someone else. The recipient then constructs a postcard based on this description and sends it back to the owner of the original postcard. The result will be a collection of unsent postcards, posted descriptions of postcards, and posted reconstructions of postcards.

More pictures as they arrive.

Participants include:

Adrian Holme, Anwyl Cooper-Willis, Arantxa Echarte, Barrie Tullett, Carlos Sapochnik, Catrin Morgan, Chloe Regan, Claire King, Courtney Coyne-Jensen, Darryl Clifton, Davina Kirkpatrick, Debra Clarke, Desdemona McCannon, Emily Candela, Emily Mitchell, Filipa Malva, Hayley Potter, Helen Allsebrook, Janette Kerr, Jantze Tullett, Jo Spicer, Karen Mead, Katherina Manolessou, Luci Gorell Barnes, Luise Vormittag, Lynn Imperatore, Mat Osmond, Matthew Richardson, Mitch Miller, Penny Clark, Peter Lloyd, Philippa Wood, Rachel Gannon, Robin Schaeverbeke, Rosie Blake, Ruth Wallace, Sara Parsons, Sophie Morrish, Stephanie Black, Stephanie Wooster, Theo Wood, Vicki Kaye.