Research methods and illustration

I have an article in volume 1 issue 2 of the Journal of Illustration, details here.

The abstract:
This article proposes that the emerging field of illustration research embraces practice-led research, and will argue that it benefits practice outside of formal academic research. The author’s practice-led Ph.D. research provides the tools that will be used to investigate illustration methodologies within a research practice. These can be adopted to complement industry-oriented, brief-led ways of working to provide long-term transferable skills, enabling illustrators to be entrepreneurial, and give them a robust set of methods to identify and interrogate their subject matter.

It also contains pictures of smashing work by Matthew Richardson and Catrin Morgan with Mireille Fauchon.

It's the article I wish I'd found when I started my PhD... I hope it's useful to the rest of you! Furthermore, it's an honour to be included in the journal. Such things have been thin on the ground in illustration for too long.