Nearly moving images

This is an excerpt from a project on pubs. It’s a self-titled album of songs by Plume of Feathers, and I’m creating a series of visuals for the live performance. So far the project has involved many joyous hours reviewing the literature surrounding pubs and has taken in their design, gentrification, nostalgia and marketing. This has been coupled with time well spent tramping around as-yet ungentrified local boozers, London gin palaces and the sentimental-typical country pubs that are as fictional as they are charming.

With regard to the imagery, this video forms a counterpoint to the song and the timing reflects this in the first chorus in particular. I chose to employ an illustration cliché with the flower women in order to turn it on its head later on. And this ties into the underlying ideas, which are a sound refusal of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope and a rumination on Tinder. You can work out the rest I’m sure.