Hope you like your hat

These are 5 postcards made in response to a picture in the archives of the RWA. Or rather, it started off as a response to the archive...  

"This contribution took a circuitous route from archive to outcome. It is a series of postcards made in response to a touching message from a grandmother to her grandson, which I found on the back of a postcard of a train. The card had been part of exploratory work prompted by a description of a picture in the RWA archive where trains are at odd angles. This approach was promptly shelved in favour of quality human communication and knitting.

Nana praises Paul for his picture, and hopes he likes his hat. I’ve made a collection of picture postcards that Paul might send to Nana to continue the conversation (seeing as she liked the last one so much), where everyone has wonderful homemade knitwear and the sun shines on them all." [from the explanatory panel in the gallery]

It turns out that knitting patterns are a pleasant reminder of when people were allowed to look a bit wonky and that was fine. I honoured this by not paying too much attention to proportion and anatomical accuracy when drawing from them.

The postcards are currently on display in the Fedden Gallery of the RWA with responses to the archive by other Hatch artists and pupils from Elmlea Junior School. 
You can see the full range of responses on the project blog: https://hatchdrawing.wordpress.com/