Speakings: Shaping the View

A trip to Scotland! I presented a paper at the 7th International Illustration Research Symposium, Edinburgh College of Art, 10-11th November 2016. 

It put forward some ideas that emerged from practice-led research, based on the Plume of Feathers project on the decline of pubs. Weaving together perspectives on nostalgia with examples of how the popular image of the UK pub has been deployed in recent months to serve unsavoury aims, I proposed that illustration could play a role in challenging the latter by making a productive use of the former - retrieving it from the right to promote informed and informative picture-making to challenge the divisive nonsense peddled under the guise of nostalgia (and fact). 

There's something of an abstract here, which ventures to suggest that we need to make more of this research for illustration that the paper emerged from, and I argued that nostalgia is a useful concept for prompting this dual level of reflection; useful for research for and on practice.

The full performance accompanied the paper, and thanks to the Wee Red Bar for being welcoming hosts for that. And thanks to all who came and saw, and heard, and chatted, and drank.